Lyrics for Live at the Dakota


  1. 1.
    Recordame (7:42)
  2. 2.
    Turnaround (8:11)
    It caught me by surprise, the many little lies
    I always thought that you would take the high road
    It drifted to my ears, brought crocodile tears
    The only thing is to unburden my load

    I must tell you, time to get out
    Spell is broken, what was lost is found—TURNAROUND

    You started out fine, so happy to be mine
    I had no cause to doubt our tender passion
    Until I heard the news—I’m not your only muse
    And so our fragile world came down a-crashin’

    Off your knees now, time to get out
    All your pleas are just a hurtful sound—TURNAROUND

    We had it for a shile, the lover’s secret smile
    The tender touch and all the little treasures
    Then something went awry and you can’t tell my why
    You turned your back on all love’s splendid pleasures

    This is my heart, not a playground
    No more new stare, let me break it down—TURNAROUND
  3. 3.
    Everyone's Blues (9:34)
    Three guys ‘round the table, no lies, telling it straight
    Each one’s stories the saddest and the truest
    Everyone’s blues are the bluest

    Three wives, so unable, in their lives to relate
    Each one’s wounds the harshest and the newest
    Everyone’s blues are the bluest

    Yours is bad but mine is worse
    Let me wallow in my curst
    All of life is just rehearsal for the big one…

    How can we enfold you when you won’t speak of wrongs
    All of your good news is just the cruelest
    To someone whose blues are the bluest

    Stop me if I’ve told you, no-don’t, let me go on and on
    Sometimes it seems what we do best
    Is make our own blues the bluest
  4. 4.
    I Dreamed My Baby Wanted Me Tonight (6:23)
    A country fell to someone’s selfish goal
    The Dow took another plunge into the hole
    The weather guarantees us flood and drought
    With the new bankruptcy laws, there’s no way out
    It makes no sense my spirits are so bright
    But I dreamed my baby wanted my tonight!

    Another viral conquest makes us squirm
    We’re humbled by the power of the germ
    If we survive we’re leveled by the stress
    Of all it takes to negotiate this mess
    This happiness must be some earthly right
    I dreamed my baby wanted me tonight!

    Nor storm, nor flood, nor crash, nor fall
    Can lure me from this primal call
    It’s one short step from dream to wake
    A ritual I’ll gladly undertake right now (and how)

    We don’t know if our bodies will persist
    Through all it takes to negotiate this list
    It’s useless to surmise or to decide
    \Who Donald Trump will choose or cast aside
    I just know I praised the lord and saw the light
    When I dreamed my baby wanted me tonight!
  5. 5.
    So Many Stars (6:15)
  6. 6.
    Having a Drink With Jane (4:45)
  7. 7.
    Midnight Sun (9:08)
  8. 8.
    Your Love (5:31)
    I could dance in the rain, sleep in the sun
    But I wouldn’t want too much of either one
    Climb a tree without a care but I wouldn’t want to live there
    I can sing till I’m sung, swing till I’m swung
    Maybe that will keep me young
    But the thing that I want most of is your love

    You love (I want a surplus of)
    Your love(don’t mean to push and shove)
    Just give me all that stuff, it’s almost just enough your love

    I can view the opera in sequin gown
    Though feeling somewhat like a clown
    Wear my three-piece suit to the business meeting, the effect is fleeting
    Shake my booty in a spandex suit
    That might be construed as cute
    But what fits me most like a glove is your love

    I’ve kept my wits and was seldom blind
    When snuck up on from behind
    Got my moves and I’m good to go when threatened from below
    Thought I had it right, then the magic died
    The moment I looked off to the side
    But the thing that took me from above was your love

    You love (is simply a cut above)
    Your love (I’ve got a long list of)
    The things I can’t forget, I want it all (you bet!) your love
  9. 9.
    Another Love Gone Bad (6:13)
    She took herself out to the movies
    She laughed out loud with wild abandon
    She stayed until the credits finished
    That wasn’t quite what you had planned on

    You want her to need you, she needs you to want her
    You want pure devotion, she needs your emotion
    You both want what can’t be had—
    Looks like another love gone bad

    She took herself out for a nightcap
    Laughed with some strangers, made some chit-chat
    She stayed out late and didn’t think twice
    You’d take her arm and say “Don’t do that”

    That’s what you were drawn to
    You were once that stranger
    Now she can’t turn the charm off
    I t just sets your alarm off
    Now she’s gone and you’re must mad
    Looks like another love gone bad

    You tried to change the things that made you happy
    See where it got you in the end
    You’re looking at me like you might slap me
    But I’ll tell you the truth because I am your friend

    You hatch a plan to win her love back
    You send some flowers, make a phone call
    You let her know the noose is loosening
    She listens hare, although her words stall

    She is sliding closer, you are at the ready
    Everything in humming, you’ve got your sweet love coming
    Now don’t get lost in the scared and the sad
    And let another love go bad
    Don’t let another love go bad
  10. 10.
    Peace (9:11)