Claudia In Concert

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Enough Already


Miss Eulalia Thomas


Sea of Forgiveness




Wings of Wonder


Don't Touch My Face Tango


Wearing Jane


A couple songs for the season




Spoon River


Songs of Inspiraton and Exasperation


A Little Musical Theater For You


The Dulcimer Edition


A Day Late & A Dollar Short


Moving In Love


This Little Light


Hark the Retreating Dark and the Looming Light


Joe Biden My Time


Hark The Dark Preview


The Healing Way




This Little Room


Open Range Concert Paola Kansas


Evidence Of Happiness


Walking In Love




St Tim's


WEM Prodigal Song


Wednesday Evening Musicale: Catharsis


Wednesday Evening Musicale #6


WEM REquests #5


WEM REquests #4


Timeless Love


WEM REquests #1


WEM REquests #2


My Back Yard


Resistance and Assistance


Which Justice Flushed?


My Quarantine Prayer


Wednesday Evening Musicale: Sweet Encounter


Wednesday Evening Musicale, Volume I: "Earth Day Turns 50"


Wednesday Evening Musicale, Volume 2: "Heart & Soul"


Wednesday Evening Musicale, Volume 3: "Mothering Each Other"




Don't Touch My Face Tango




Dear Friends


Red Winged Blackbird


Garden Party


You Can Call Me Baby




Bon's Bonny Back Yard


Still On The Bridge