Promising Sky is almost here!

Posted on: December 5th, 2009

I have just ok'd the mastering of the new CD, which will head off to Oasis for pressing next week. .I could have it before Christmas! Find me at my email if you want one asap. .eventually it will be available through CD Baby, Itunes, etc.

Which leads me to mention that a good deal of thought goes into planning the song sequence of the disc, and it tells a story, takes you on a little journey. .something you lose when you just buy a song. I recently sat with a friend and just listened to music, disc by disc. .for hours! It was an amazingly deep experience, and I recommend it for reconnecting with active listening.

There's finally snow, which makes for scary driving, but it's SO beautiful! Take your time and enjoy the slow low light. It's good dream time. .keep a journal by your bed. The hell with those talking heads who say our dreams mean nothing!

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